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First AI teaching trial for primary school teachers in Lithuania!

In December 2021, the first trial TrainDL project seminar on artificial intelligence and data literacy for primary school teachers took place in Lithuania. Due to the pandemic situation of, the seminar was held at Druskininkai “Saulė” Lower Secondary School and was attended only by primary school teachers of that school.

The seminar was led by TrainDL partners from Vilnius University, professor Valentina Dagienė and Vaida Masiulionytė-Dagienė. In addition, Viktoriya Olari, a project partner from the Freie Universität Berlin, took part in the seminar.

At first, an introductory presentation to artificial intelligence was held involving teachers, followed by a discussion and round of A&Qs. The participating teachers enthusiastically took part in all activities carried out during the workshop. The discussion provided a wide range of insights into how teaching? material on data literacy and artificial intelligence could be improved: which personas to use through hands-on activities to make it more interesting for pupils, or how to present the content better. It was also mentioned that the gamified activities presented during the workshop were not only useful for introducing artificial intelligence to children but could also be used as board games for children at home with the whole family.