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TrainDL: Materials and results

On this page you can find all the processed materials and results that have been produced or will be produced during the TrainDL project. On the one hand, reports and analyses on the current situation regarding AI and data literacy in school and teacher education can be found here, on the other hand, there are insights into teaching materials and concepts around these topics, and the results from our policy experimentations.

We encourage you to explore all materials!




The Policy Cluster is concerned with the development of policy recommendations regarding data literacy and AI in school and teacher education. So far, TrainDL can offer the following summaries and reports:

TrainDL's Education Cluster prepares the policy experiments and also conducts the field trials with teachers. So far, the following materials, summaries and results are available:

  • Addressing AI and Data Literacy in Teacher Education: A Review of Existing Educational Frameworks:

  • DL and AI Teaching Methodologies and Teacher Education Formats Research Summary (Deliverable 2.1): Soon to be published!


The Evaluation Cluster develops guidelines for policy experimentation and supervises the research partners in their implementation and results.

As soon as reports, summaries or other materials from this cluster are available, they will be found here.