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Jan Vahrenhold

University of Münster, Germany

Jan Vahrenhold has held the professorship for Efficient Algorithms and Algorithm Engineering at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, since 2012. His research is dedicated to algorithms and data structures for geometric problems, algorithm engineering with a focus on resource efficiency, and computer science education. Jan Vahrenhold is co-editor-in-chief of ”Computer Science Education” and associate editor of “ACM Inroads” and ”Journal of Computational Geometry”.  He has been (co-)chairing several conferences in computer science and computer science education, most recently the "ACM International Computing Education Research Conference" (ICER 2021/2022).  He is member of the national consortium for the upcoming “International Computer and Information Literacy Study” (ICILS 2023) and vice-speaker of the ”Computer Science and Education” section of the German Informatics Society.